Orthodontic Anchors

Drs. Rehm and Riggs assist our orthodontist colleagues in the placement and removal of bone anchors.  This allows our orthodontic referrals to accomplish more difficult tooth movements, with less hardware, in a shorter time period.

Rocky Mountain Orthodontics (RMO) Anchor System enhances treatment capabilities.  Treatment is faster, more precise, and efficient with RMO’s Anchor System.  RMO’s Anchor System is FDA approved.  The mini-orthodontic implants are radically changing and improving orthodontic treatment.  These screws can hold wires where teeth are missing or where movement requires headgear.  The RMO mini screws are simply removed after the teeth are moved.  Mini orthoscrews make treatment faster and more efficient and precise.  RMO Anchor Mini Orthoscrew System is a significant innovation for orthodontics and oral surgery.  The mini orthoscrews are changing and improving orthodontic treatment. 

RMO’s Anchor System Offers Many Advantages:

  • Simple and Easy To Use For Orthodontist
  • Eliminates The Need For Patient Compliance
  • Reduces Surgery and Extractions
  • Comfortable and Hygienic
  • Resists Sufficient Force To Move Teeth
  • Immediate Loading
  • Shortened Treatment Time
  • Easy To Remove
  • Cost Effective Clinical Applications
  • Upper Molar Intrusion and Lower Molar Protraction
  • Molar Position Controlled In All Directions
  • Anterior Crossbite
  • Open Bites
  • Upper Molar Distalization
  • And More